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Customer Acquisition Program

How It Works:
Some businesses offer incentives for acquiring new customers to try their product or service.  The more business they generate, the more your group earns.

A member of or myself will tailor a campaign from one of the programs we are affiliated with.  The goal is to assist your organization meet your financial objective without placing a financial burden on your members and/or supporters. 
(Like asking members to sell / purchase over priced products.
Example, A caramel apple for $20 each, look below..)

By keeping an open mind, and thinking outside (the candy) box, I feel this is to your organization advantage.  By exploring your options, you choose between a one time fund-raiser, monthly, or annual event . 
(Example, A firework booth works great if you have the location and adults to volunteer.  But it's annual!  Plus the up front cost and time involved.)

Another challenge is when older members leave and in most cases so does their support.  This is one of the advantages we have over other projects.  We aim for long-term month after month (year after year) supports.  
(I supported my co-worker's daughter yearly Cookie Dough fundraiser until she was too old to be a member.)

I will not ask you to sell "Valentine Candy" in April!
(Or eat a worm!)

Send your request for more information to:
Ken at  
Enter "Fundraiser" in subject line

    Simple and Easy For 2016!
    Earn during the enrolling period, then every month thereafter!

May 22, 2014
Dan Eats A Worm For Charity!
(Photo courtesy Dan & Michelle)CBS
Dan Arthur
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In passing on the show, I said, “I’d eat a cockroach for $100.00.” I really would. I mean, it’s $100.00!

Anyway, a listener named Ken called and said he’d give me $25.00 to eat a worm! He said that the money had to go to charity and that he would have to pick up the actual worm. I said, “you’re on!” thinking that would be it and he wouldn’t follow through with it.

An hour later, Ken was at the door with his worm in a bag. This is what happened on the air…(Click here to view)..


April 26th 2014
"Rod Crawford Memorial Auction"
Bi-Annual Youth Auction For;
Natoma Assembly Rainbow Girls
Boy Scout Troop 94

Boy Scout Troop 1855
Folsom and Sutter Middle School Band

Elk Grove DeMolay Chapter Ribfest

Elk Grove DeMolay Chapter Ribfest

Speech and Debate Club

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