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I’m Ken and I started www.GasClub.biz after being in Half Price Gas Program for over a year.  Yes the program worked.
September 16th, 2011, we regret to inform you the FillerUpClub is forced to close its doors for business due to a major theft.


After being with the Gas Program, I realized that one of my major monthly expenses could become a source of income and not just a savings. SO! I started to look for other ventures relating to my vehicle. Let’s face it; I don’t know anybody who is willing to give up their car.


Today, www.GasClub.biz is my umbrella business as a resource center for people to save money on their car expenses.  The opportunity to create additional income is available too.


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Hello Everyone,

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So what's new?

I've been under the weather so writing something for this letter isn't going to happen.
Until the next drawing that will be held on March 5th, 2016.

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That's it for now.  Be safe and enjoy life.

Kenneth Lopez
PO Box 22
West Sacramento, CA  95691

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Hello Everyone,

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June 27th, 2015 is #87387
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Oct 17th, 2015 is #87428
Ja'Von  of Rocklin, CA.
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So what's new? 

The price of gasoline has come down to the point it's no longer
a water cooler topic.  So, saving money at the pumps is not a big issue at this time.

So I will be dropping Syntek from the web site. 
I added XFT (Xtreme Fuel Treatment) because it saved you money.
It also saved me money too.  But there are other factors that made this product lost it's value.

These factors are the increased cost of shipping, and the reduction of the price of gasoline.

An update on the new service called "Ride Sharing" aka Uber, Lyft
and Side Car:

I'll be a passenger, but not a "Driver".
1.  I learn that your personal auto insurance does not cover you
     while being a "Driver".  PERIOD! 
2.  If you use your car, your opening up a can of worms for
            a.  Your car is now considered a commercial vehicle by
                  DMV.  And needs to be registered as such.
            b.  Being a commercial vehicle, your insurance company  
                  will see your DMV registration and question why you
                  have a commercial vehicle.  You will now need
                  commercial auto insurance to drive a commercial
            c.  If pulled over by law enforcement, your vehicle does not
                 have proper registration.  Get ready to PAY!  This is a
                 "Commercial Ticket"!
            d.  Per DMV.  If you transport passengers, you're a
                 commercial driver.

Sorry if I rained on your parade.  Ride Sharing is a good idea in my opinion.

I hope they work out these details.

That's it for now.  Be safe and enjoy life.

PO Box 22
Sacramento, CA  95691

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Here are a few links for you:
To become a Driver:

Lyft:      https://www.lyft.com/drivers/KENNETH719183

Uber:     https://get.uber.com/cl/rideshare500?invite_code=pdk6bue

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